Mini Guides in attending KPOP Concerts ♥

Since KPOP concerts are starting to come out with their poster teasers, Let me share some “Survival Tips” on attending your fave groups concert. I actually attended 3 concerts already. My first one was the Bigbang Alive Tour in Manila, 2NE1’s All or Nothing and Bigbang MADE Tour in Manila. Sharing the experience especially for those first-timers that will attend the concert.


First and Foremost, make these habit called “IPONING.”

I did saved  1/4 of my allowance everyday, up until now. Better be ready than forever being belong in Team Mansion.

Think of a target seat and price. I always go to Lower Box A or B which costs around 6k up to 8k depending on the prices which is given by the specific organizer + add the taxes when purchasing thru their specified malls. (SM MALLS.).

Lucky you if your parents gives you some money to spend and being supportive towards you being a fangirl/fanboy.



This is A MUST! Do your obligations as a student and a good kid. Study Hard and then when you get good credits at school, who knows your parents can make these hard iponing life became easy by giving you money to attend concerts.

If they didn’t allow you, don’t worry, there’s always next time in everything.



The opening of ticketing purchases, the time wherein they will open the slots. Make sure to check the organizer’s tweets or their official facebook account for updates.



Whether your watching with your friend or going solo, This is your gateway to your oppas/unnies/noona’s sweat LOL, so better get yourself ready. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO PURCHASE ON THE OFFICIAL TICKETING PURCHASE THAT IS PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZER. DON’T PURCHASE ON THE SCAMMERS. REMEMBER, YOUR MONEY, YOUR TICKETS ARE IMPORTANT.

I think the most unforgettable experience I got when purchasing tickets was in MADE TOUR. I was with my friends and we went to The Fort @ 6am and fall in line for almost 3-4 hours. If we made it at 7am, we won’t be able to get our desired seat.


Another important things: When you UPLOAD your tickets on SNS, DON’T FORGET NOT TO INCLUDE THE BAR CODES. SCALPERS are around, They might edit everything and sell your supposed seat to somehow else, and we NEVER wanted some problems during concerts.




  1. Ready your Tickets, Lightsticks, your bag with your pocket money, phone, cameras and other essentials.
  2. Unleashed your inner KPOP Fashion by wearing it out. Just don’t make an exaggeration okay?
  3. More importantly, EAT! Don’t starve yourself. You won’t be able to enjoy the concert.
  4. Fall in LINE depending on what ticket are you holding in. There’s a specific banner that is written depending on what section are you in.
  5. Be Aware of the fanchants and projects. Refer to your group’s official fanpage in Ph for concert projects. They usually give a small pieces of papers at the venue regarding the fanchants and projects.
  6. Be CONSIDERATE to others. Guys don’t make someone’s shoulders your “TRIPOD” in taking photos.
  7. BANNERS ARE ALLOWED but with specific sizes. Refer to the organizer’s DOs and Donts when you’re going inside the concert venue.
  8. It isn’t required to take the whole fancam videos. Remember, you ain’t a fansite noonars and oppars. Let them do their jobs and just, enjoy and feel the whole concert. But if you love a specific song, then go on. Here’s my Fancam during MADE TOUR.

9. Enjoy and Feel the Concert. It’s your one of the most unforgettable days in your life.

10. Concert hangovers. We all have it. It usually lasts a month for me. Most probably my soul is left at the concert venue spazzing.


I know there’s more to add in here. Feel free to comment down below your experiences. You might one of those lucky fans who got encountered by your faves during concert. Sharing is always caring ♥



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