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iKON made Filipino fans wild at their Continue Tour in Manila concert

iKON successfully wrapped up their first ever concert in Manila, Philippines last November 11, 2018 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

iKON composed of B.I, Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, Song, DK and Chan debuted in September 15, 2015 from the top 3 agencies in Korea, YG Entertainment. From his debut till today, they’ve been releasing hits and hitting the top spot on several Korean music charts.

Manila is part of iKON’s 2018 Continue World Tour and this is the very first time that the group is performing in the Philippines.

Over 8,000 people were wildin’ with iKON throughout the concert. The tickets were all sold out and Pulp Live World opened more areas to accommodate fans who are requesting to get in as well.

Before the show begins, the whole arena is already painted red with fans showing their love and passion through the group’s official lightstick. iKONICs were loudly screaming for each of iKON songs’ fanchants.


iKON began their concert with Bling Bling, Sinosijak and their debut track Rhythm Ta in rock version.

IKON Manila_1

It was then followed by their b-side tracks Cocktail, Only You and one of their best b-side, Perfect which was greatly loved by the fans inside the arena.

iKON’s best rappers also showcased their solo songs. Bobby with his track Tendae while leader B.I performed One and Only.


PH iKONICS became wilder as “iKON is coming to town” plays in the song Anthem, and the crowd favorite B-DAY was played.

ikon manila

Fans did the yellow cloth fan project and did their loudest for the fanchant of “B-DAY” that was inspired by their guesting on variety program “300”.



The fun didn’t stop there as they sang more of their songs such as My Type, Rubber Band, Best Friend and Everything.


But of course, the main event happened as iKON began singing their outstanding 2018 songs Love Scenario, Goodbye Road, Killing Me and Freedom.


iKON then bid their goodbyes to iKONICS and thanked fans who came. iKONICs  began their rainbow project before the encore starts.



Encore performances then began with Just For You and their phenomenal track Love Scenario that swept Korea was performed in full.



While the fun is still on, they continued with Don’t Let Me Know and the exciting Dumb and Dumber song was performed.

ikon manila

Lastly, they hyped the crowd for one more time with “BDAY” and as expected, not much cellphones in sight, iKONICs were living in the moment and singing along with iKON for the very last time.

Concert ended with all of the people in Arena smiling and crying with tears of joy showing how it was so worth it to see iKON live.

ikon manila


What’s impressive is that iKON did not use any translator and they can talk to fans in English fluently. They also expressed their love for their Filipino iKONICs by screaming their lungs out without the microphone. They even make fans enjoy the moment and take down their phones.

On the other hand PH iKONICs love for iKON was seen very well. Everyone has been very cooperative with the fan chants, lightstick cheering, fan projects, and successfully showed the rainbow ocean lights. Indeed, YG group deserves all these. Kudos to you guys!!!

Not so long after the concert, yet, the iKONICS are all anticipating for their next comeback here in the Philippines. True enough it will be a record breaking show, an enjoyable and wild one once again..


We would like to express our gratitude to Pulp Live World and inang Happee Sy for letting us cover this event.


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