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Lee Jong Suk and other staff detained in Indonesia after fan meeting

Lee Jong Suk can’t return to South Korea for now after his fan meeting in Indonesia.

The actor stated through a post that he ended the Jakarta, Indonesia fan meeting well and he’s very thankful to all the people that came but he’s currently detained in their country due to some issues of the local promoter.

Lee Jong Suk stated in a post that he and the other staff has been in the airport since yesterday. The promoter of the fan meeting had issues with the local tax authorities. He also clarified that they have nothing to do with it and his staff is working with the promoters for it to be resolved quickly. Lee Jong Suk and the staffs’ passports are not with them.

Lee Jong Suk concluded his post that he has never experienced something like this and he doesn’t know what to do. He also posted a note saying “Mom, I’ll go home a little later”.

His agency A-Man Project confirmed Lee Jong Suk’s post. The team is set to leave Jakarta, Indonesia on November 4 but they were stopped due to the conflict of the promoter and the Indonesian authorities. The promoter declared lesser ticket sales that it actually were and they are currently resolving the issue.

They also confirmed that Lee Jong Suk is still in Jakarta and they are working in adjusting the actor’s schedule as the drama filming and other commitments will be affected because of this.

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