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Monsta X in Manila 2016: The First Asia Fan Meeting Press Conference

Last November 27, the seven boys of Monsta X came all the way down to Manila to meet their Filipino fans for the first time ever. Their fans, also termed as Monbebes, had the chance to get up close and personal with the Monsta X boys themselves during that day. The group who brought the chart-topping albums “The Clan Part 1: Lost” and “The Clan Part 2: Guilty” held the Manila leg of their First Asia Fan Meeting at the SM SkyDome, and boy was it a success!

Koreanophiles was given the chance to cover the press conference that was held just a bit before the main event, and of course, we’ve taken down notes to share the experience with you!

The press conference itself was scheduled to be 3PM, while the fan meet event itself was set for 6. The media groups were welcomed into the venue just a couple of minutes before 3, and we were told to position in the first two rows. The stage was really close to the audience area (see photo below for reference of how a first row seat is), so the media was settling and finding good positions to take coverage while waiting for the boys.


Then came 3PM, and the boys of Monsta X arrived clad chicly in predominantly black.


The press conference itself didn’t take too long. It was around 35 minutes or so for the entire thing. The conference started with the boys introducing themselves, as a group and individually, with some members doing their personal introduction in English.

dsc06734 dsc06735

After the introduction, we proceeded to the question and answer portion, wherein media representatives were asked to stand in the middle aisle to take the mic and ask the group a question. Koreanophiles was the 8th in line to ask with the question “Other than singing and dancing, what kind of fanservice would you like to give to your fans?”, to which the members replied “Mahal ko kayo” and “Salamat po” to express that they can show their love in different languages.

dsc_1483 dsc_1484 dsc_1487

Another media group asked an interesting question that got the boys to think and contradict each other. When asked what other genre or concept they would like to try, Minhyuk said maybe a cuter or livelier concept, to which Kihyun disagreed with.

The boys were also asked to say something to the member next to them. Hyungwon then faced Jooheon and told him that he’s handsome, which we all agree with, right?!

dsc06739 dsc06740 dsc06745

They were asked about their plans for 2017 as well, with Jooheon then stating more concerts as a plan for next year.

Their favourite song from the recent album is, according to Kihyun, “White Girl” since Jooheon wrote it for the fans!

dsc06746 dsc06748

Finally, the Monsta X members were asked for their message to their Filipino fans. Member Wonho expressed his gratitude towards the Monbebes for waiting for them to stop by in Manila. He also said that the temperature’s pretty hot due to the fans! “Mahal namin kayo!”

dsc06757 dsc06760 dsc06761 dsc06769

The press conference ended not with the interview session, but with the boys standing closer to the front of the stage to allow the media to take photos of them. They stood in different angles to accomodate every media group positioned in various places before finally bowing down and saying goodbye.

dsc06773 dsc06777 dsc06776


Big, big thank you to both Monsta X and Pulp Live World for holding an amazing event! Like what I.M. said, this day is definitely something memorable!

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