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Saranghae Jung Hae In in Manila

We can only say “Saranghae Jung Hae In” throughout (until forever) the fan meeting.

Most of us who went there became fans because of the dramas he was in. But we believe that after the fan meeting, many went home and got charmed by his voice, his warm gestures through his fans and actually his whole being.

jung hae in manila

He kicked off the fan meeting by serenading everyone with Davichi’s (다비치) – “Today I Miss You” (OST from his drama While You Were Sleeping)

At the start of the fan meeting, he mentioned how he enjoyed eating Filipino food and his most favorite menu  is “Adobo” showing how he appreciates our culture.

Then a video of how he started in the industry was played showing his humble beginning up till now that he’s one of the most sought actor in Korea.

Jung Hae In shared that when he was just starting as an actor, he was the shy type and that he eventually overcame it as well as his fears for quite some time now.

jung hae in manila

He also revealed that his goal as an actor is to become happy and to love his craft. He gradually achieved his goal with the help of his fans.

There was also a segment where we can learn more about the actor only to show how Hae In wants to get closer with fans. This really is ‘something’ that is truly appreciated by fans.

Jung Hae In responded quickly to all the questions fans are most curious about. He also revealed that the qualities he’s looking for a girl is the one who actually loves herself and has pretty smiles.

“Manila is hot and I find it hotter because of the warm welcome and support of all my fans”, he stated.

jung hae in manila

When asked about if it’s possible to date a fan and what’s his ideal date. He then fluttered the fans for his heartfelt answer, saying, “I like to enjoy drinking a glass of beer at Han River and also to watch movie  with my ideal date. It’s really possible to date a fan in real life”.

As a gratitude with the support and love from fans, Jung Hae In gave out some of his personal stuff and also signed posters to lucky fans. There were also games participated by fans and Jung Hae In himself. After the fun games, a video was shown with Jung Hae In’s heartfelt message to his beloved fans.

jung hae in manila

It was then followed by the actor serenading fans once again with IU’s hit track “Meaning Of You“. Right after, Jung Hae In goes down the memory lane showing his baby photos, his diary in the past and more.

His fans made a video with their messages and revealed a fan project for him.

jung hae in manila 2

The show ended with the actor’s closing statement on how he really appreciates the love he felt all throughout. He is very grateful for all the warm support fans had showed him. And the best part happened when Jung Hae In gave all the fans the opportunity to say their hi’s and get to touch him even for split seconds.

We want to thank CDM Entertainment for letting us cover the event.

More photos for this event will be uploaded on our Facebook page soon.

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