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SM, YG, JYP, Big Hit Entertainment and more partner for a new global platform company

Agencies such as SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, BigHit Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Mystic Entertainment, and Star Empire Entertainment joined forces as they sign a partnership agreement for the growth of Music & Creative Partners Asia Co., Ltd. (MCPA).

The signing ceremony were attended by representatives such as SM Entertainment’s CEO Han Se Min, JYP Entertainment’s vice president Byun Sang Bong, YG Entertainment’s executive director Choi Sung Joon, BigHit Entertainment’s CBO Yoon Suk Joon, FNC Entertainment’s executive director Kim Yoo Shik, Jo Young Chul of Mystic Entertainment, and Lee Seung Joo of Star Empire Entertainment.

MCPA will provide music videos on social media platforms globally such as YouTube. The company will somewhat be like Korean’s Vevo. Moreover, the company will not focus on music videos alone but they will be having a broadcast platform as well and will continuously provide new contents.

MCPA was formed for the advancement and growth of Korean music contents and artists, having an edge to this competitive global music industry that will represent Asia.

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