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Legendary Idol Moments in Running Man

Maybe you’ve heard about Running Man through your favorite idols stating how they wanted to guest on the show or maybe you’re just like us who also discovered other idols because you were a fan of the program first. Or maybe you’re new to the K-Pop/ Korean variety world and you’re looking for episodes that will make you get hooked with Running Man. As a fan of Running Man since their early days, we want to share with you the “Legendary Idol Moments in Running Man” we think are worthy…

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Song Seung Hun and f(x)’s Krystal confirmed to star in new OCN drama

Song Seung Hun and Krystal will be teaming up for the first time! On June 2, OCN stated that Song Seung Hun and Jung Soo Jung (Krystal) will be appearing together through new drama “Player”, the drama will begin shooting in June and will air on September after the end of “Voice season 2.” “Player” is an action drama about four con artists who reveal criminals and return the thing they have stolen.  

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