highlight album Featured NEWS 

Highlight surprises fans with announcement of special album with Yoon Doojoon

Highlight will release a new album together with Yoon Doojoon! On November 2, Around Us Entertainment confirmed that Highlight will be releasing a special album together with their leader Yoon Doojoon. It was revealed that Doojoon recorded with them before he enlisted in the military. The album will be released on November 20 but there will be no promotions for it. They also recorded with “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”. Highlight will also have their solo concert “Outro” on November 24 and 25 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

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highlight 9th anniversary Featured NEWS 

Highlight commemorates 9th Anniversary + to release single

Highlight celebrated their 9 years a a group! On October 16, 2009 the group named BEAST were formed by Cube Entertainment and now the five members Doojoon, Yoseob, Gikwang, Dongwoon and Junhyung are promoting as a group named Highlight. The four members sans Doojoon celebrated their 9 years together and also went live on V app to communicate with their fans. They also shared that the group is set to release a digital single on October 29 at 6 p.m. KST. They will also have a concert on November 24 and 25…

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Highlight Yoon Doojoon Featured NEWS 

Highlight’s Doojoon possibly enlisting this week

Highlight’s leader Yoon Doojoon might enlist this week. On August 22, it was reported that Doojoon got an abrupt notice for his enlistment. He is set to serve in the military this coming August 24. He will be the first Highlight member to serve and Yoseob will follow him next. Unlike Yoseob, Doojoon applied to serve as a conscripted policeman but he failed to get accepted. He is currently in an ongoing drama entitled “Let’s Eat 3” and since he has to enlist, the drama will be cut to 14…

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Highlight's Yang Yoseob Featured NEWS 

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob passes interview for his enlistment

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob is up next for military enlistment. On August 21, it was reported that Yoseob already passed his interview as a police for his military enlistment. Although he has already finished this requirement, his official date of enlistment is still undecided. Yoseob will be serving as a conscripted police officer. Fans are speculating that he will enlist more or less end of this year or early next year, 2019.  

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