Mini Guides in attending KPOP Concerts ♥

Since KPOP concerts are starting to come out with their poster teasers, Let me share some “Survival Tips” on attending your fave groups concert. I actually attended 3 concerts already. My first one was the Bigbang Alive Tour in Manila, 2NE1’s All or Nothing and Bigbang MADE Tour in Manila. Sharing the experience especially for those first-timers that will attend the concert.   First and Foremost, make these habit called “IPONING.” I did saved  1/4 of my allowance everyday, up until now. Better be ready than forever being belong in…

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Tips on traveling to Seoul ♥

We all wanted this trip to become one of the most memorable experience in our life. Meeting your favorite oppas, watching concerts, shopping, experiencing their culture etc. And summer is already approaching, maybe some of you has a plan to visit Korea or some of you are currently planning. Whether you’ll be a solo-backpacker or in a group, let me help you by giving some basic tips that can help you in this trip. FIRST and FOREMOST, have a passport first. Guys! Don’t book your flight first without getting your…

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