Yang Dang Il and Wendy’s track is out!

Yang Da Il Red Velvet Wendy

Yang Dang Il collaborated with Red Velvet’s main vocal Wendy for the summer track “One Summer”. Yang Dang Il came from Brand New Music that’s why Wanna One’s Park Woojin got picked as the actor for the music video. Check out Park Woojin’s first ever acting here:

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K-Pop comebacks happening this June

Get ready your hearts and wallets, check the list below!  WJMK – June 1   Wanna One – June 4   ONF and A.C.E. – June 7   SHINee – June 11    BLACKPINK – June 15  BTOB – June 18   SHINee – June 25   MOMOLAND – June 26   

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Wanna One completes filming for upcoming title track

Wanna One is coming back real soon! On May 22, sources from the industry reported that Wanna One has finished filming for their upcoming title track “Light”, the music video will feature the sporty and mature side of the members and will show that the group can’t be divided. Wanna One will drop their special […]

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March 2018 Kpop Comebacks

wanna one got7 march

March is not only the season to welcome Spring and Cherry Blossoms but it’s also a season to enjoy music from various K-Pop groups~ Are you ready for the comeback battle this coming March 2018? Get to know which groups are confirmed for a comeback! Check out their previous comeback songs as well!  DIA  DIA […]

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Valentines Giveaway for K-Pop Fans!

Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend if you have a bias? 😂😍😂 But isn’t it better if you’re with them 24/7? (how we wish but it’s also okay for him to be in the phone case right ㅋㅋㅋ) This Valentines Day, were giving 1 2D phone case each  for EXO, Wanna One, SEVENTEEN and BTS fans!   How to […]

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